Mosquito Control Treatments

The mosquito control treatment works by applying an insecticide the mosquitoes avoid all over the yard. The treatment will not stain or smell (you won’t know it is there) and lasts for about a month at a time. The product works because the mosquitoes won’t land on things that have been treated.

I treat the areas in and around the places you want to recreate. Many times I spray the front walkways and backyards. If you use your entire yard I can treat the whole place.

Treatments last for about a month and we can usually get through Milwaukee summers with 3 treatments. One in early June, the second right before the 4th of July and the third in early August. Different homes and different summers (lots of rain or little rain) may mean 4 sprays or just 2. I work on an individual basis with each home to make sure we are getting good, efficient control.

Most applications take about 40 minutes to make and should be left alone while it dries, usually 2-3 hours. I will work with you to schedule applications to insure the smallest amount of hassle.

Costs are based on the size of the area treated and I can usually give a ballpark quote after a brief phone call.

If you are having a special event we can schedule an application to optimize its effects.