Lawn fertilization and Weed Control Services

My experience with turfgrass dates back over 20 years. In my first life I wanted to be a golf course superintendent. I take grass very seriously.

With that in mind I offer tailored programs to suit individual homeowners.

Not every lawn or owner is the same. Some would like it to look like a golf course from April through October. Others just don’t want any weeds in it but don’t want to cut it all the time. Whichever part of the spectrum you find yourself, I can help.

Season packages could include 6 treatments or just a couple. Some customers just use me for fertilizing and others for just weed control. Most customers use the 5 application package which I will amend at times depending on weather conditions and my experience in turf.

Whenever possible I reduce the amount of pesticides applied to the lawn. I do this by spot-spraying weeds whenever I can and by encouraging healthy grass with high quality fertilizers.

Nothing keeps out weeds better than healthy grass.

I offer a la carte treatments as well for people who need a one-time spray on the weeds or whose grass needs a quick boost of food.

In addition to fertilizing and weed control programs I offer lawn consulting. I am happy to talk grass with anyone.